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One integrated system to digitize your production and double your productivity. Automates CNC, additive and hybrid CAM workflows. Schedule, track and trace all actions in your dental lab environment. Custom dashboards, reports and alerts accessible anywhere on any device. Get started now with a 30 day free trial!


Rotating layered nesting solution

Total Visibility

Oqton detail order interface

Order Capture and Production Tracking

At the core of Oqton is a digital thread that connects and maintains all production data to the original order and CAD data. Physical and digital relationships are dynamically updated as needed. Know where everything is and trace part history from raw materials across printing, machining, post-processing, quality control and shipping.

Quality Management and Process Standardization

Meet quality requirements and drive operational effectiveness with integrated quality management and document control. Setup targeted production plan templates. Standardize operations and increase repeatability by defining resource models, customer data, production plans and work instructions.

QR and NFC on Mobile Devices

Digitally track parts, orders, stock, tools and machines using printable QR code labels or NFC stickers, requiring no printing. QR codes and NFC chips can be read on mobile devices or tablets, requiring no additional equipment.

AI Assistance

Oqton Design Editor interface

Automatic Part Classification

Artificial intelligence (AI) based on geometric and production data is used to automatically classify parts. Classifications like ‘crown’, 'bridge’, ‘denture’, ‘RPD’, etc. are automatically generated. These classifications can be mapped to specific production routes, and are used to accelerate engineering tasks across the entire file preparation workflow.

Automatic Part Orientation

An AI-based algorithm that is trained on years of production use is able to automatically orient the part for 3D printing and CNC machining. It enables superior production results and reduces engineering time. Machine time, amount of support material needed and finishing requirements are all taken into account in orientation optimization. Orientation recommendations can be tuned by the user if required.

User Preference Learning

The system learns from usage and suggests classifications, orientations and support strategies based on how you prepared similar part in the past. This further reduces engineering time spent on repetitive tasks while at the same time, the software mimics the actions of the most experienced lab technicians to ensure the highest product quality.

Additive CAM

Oqton Nest Editor interface

Automatic Support and Label Generation

Automatically generated cone or lattice support minimizes post-processing and material waste while avoiding support placement on critical surfaces. Embossed or break-off labels can be generated to ensure easy sorting.

Polymer (SLA/DLP) and Metal

Fast slicing and advanced hatching for a wide range of additive production technologies and machine models in SLA, DLP and SLM. Significantly faster build times (up to 50%) and better surface quality than competing products. Supported brands includes: EOS, Trumpf, Renishaw, Sisma, SLM Solutions, 3DSystems, Prodways, EnvisionTec, Shining3D, …

High-Density Nesting

Highest density automated nesting is available, outperforming human reached nesting densities. It can even nest in 3D layers, maximizing machine utilization.

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Oqton Nest Editor interface

Automated Nesting and Pin Generation

Fully automated part placement, orientation and nesting, reducing vibrations by using physical simulation to optimize the result.

Automatic CAM for Common Dental Parts

Machining templates for common dental parts such as bridges, crowns and abutments. Across multiple materials such as Titanium, Cobalt Chrome and Zirconia. Currently supporting Imes Icore, Roland and XTCERA machines.

Stock Tracking

Track and manage partially used stock. Automatically nest in the remaining material to maximize material utilization.

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Hybrid CAM

Oqton Nest Editor interface

One Integrated and Automated System

Combine the benefits of 3D printing and machining, without requiring different software. Full hybrid workflow, programming metal 3D printers and milling equipment, from one system. Detecting high precision surfaces, adding of stock material, additive build preparation and CNC programming is all automated.

Machining on Build Plate

Parts are left on the build plate during the heat treatment and machining process, allowing high accuracy and a simple work holding setup.

Integrated Calibration

Calibration geometry is printed that is automatically probed to adapt the CNC program to the exact as printed position of the printed parts.


Oqton Schedule interface

Multi-Process Scheduling

Scheduling is possible across multiple production processes, machines and locations, taking into account available machine capacity and target delivery dates. The scheduler is aware of the complete production routes of every part.

Automatic Scheduler

An automated AI-based scheduler is fully integrated into Oqton. It can recalibrate schedules dynamically depending on changes in real-time production availability and priority data.

Delivery Date Alerts

Get notified when orders or parts are at risk to miss their delivery date. Use this to change the schedule dynamically and fast track these parts.


Oqton Monitor Machines interface

Any Equipment

Oqton includes an easy to adopt industrial IOT platform that can connect to any equipment: 3D printers, CNC machines, furnaces. It implements standard protocols such as MQTT, OPCUA, Fanuc, Siemens, Modbus, … making easy to digitally connect all your equipment.

Drag and Drop Dashboards

Dashboards can be easily configured using drag and drop widget, allowing you to create the actionable overviews specific to your operation.


Different levels of production alerts may be set up and methods of communication fully customized. For example, if the level of oxygen rises above a certain level in the additive build chamber, a text message can be sent to specified individuals.


Oqton Analyze Alerts interface

Custom Reports

Real-time and historical data can be used to create custom reports to support the needs of the specific manufacturing organization.

Customizable Widgets

Oqton allows the mixing of digital and physical data into fully customizable data widgets. For example, data showing all inspection data on parts produced on a particular machine run relative to sensor data from that machine.

Maintenance Requirements

Machine lasers, filters, cutting tools, etc. can be fully monitored and appropriate actions advised for replacement or maintenance are triggered when necessary. This data is associated with the particular machine and/or tool for further analysis.


Single end-to-end software replacing multiple disconnected applications; fully integrated with all your production machines.


Single cloud-based application that requires no installation and you can easily configure it to your needs.


AI powered automation improves overall productivity by increasing throughput, reducing training needs, reducing costs, and delivering holistic actionable visibility.


Can be successfully used by companies of any size, from 1 person to large enterprises. A single unified view is offered even if you operate in multiple locations.


Can be integrated with existing systems through an open API, order intake, ERP or production tracking.

Pay as you go

Flexible subscription plans tailored to what and how much you need. No up-front costs. Get started easily with a 30 day free trial.

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