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Supercharge dental CNC milling with Oqton's Manufacturing OS

Discover how Manufacturing OS can enhance productivity in your dental CNC milling workflow

File import and healing

Automated conversion from all common file formats and mesh healing to ensure watertight designs. No need for metadata, as Manufacturing OS will auto-generate the data relevant for production.

Connect your ERP or file management system to push designs to Manufacturing OS and create a direct link with production.

Part orientation

Automated orientation minimizes undercuts while respecting tool-axis limitations and aligning the anatomical area in multi-layered disks for optimal color results.

Part labeling

Quickly identify individual parts with automated labeling. Significantly speed up sorting, reduce mistakes and strengthen traceability.

pin placement

Automated, intelligent placement of connector pins, respecting interproximal areas and margin lines.


Automatic selection of the most suitable disk based on color, minimal disk thickness possible and available stock. Parts are nested in high density.


Automated toolpath generation, automatically applying validated strategies based on the detected part features.

Production Management

Schedule, Track and Trace your entire production

Prepare, plan, schedule, track and trace your entire production facilities

End-to-end traceability of materials, tools, parts and jobs with full revision history

Rich data can be gathered automatically by integrating and connecting CAM, MES and IoT


  • Can Oqton Manufacturing OS replace any dental CAM software?

    Oqton Manufacturing OS is designed to streamline your workflow and replace your existing dental CAM software. Here’s how:

    • Compatibility: Oqton integrates seamlessly with various machine brands, so you likely won’t need to completely overhaul your existing setup.
    • Enhanced Functionality: Oqton goes beyond basic CAM functionalities. It automates tasks like toolpath generation and disc selection, freeing up valuable technician time.
    • Additional Features: Oqton offers a comprehensive solution, including features like an order management system, which your current CAM software might lack.

    This combination of compatibility, automation, and additional features makes Oqton Manufacturing OS a compelling choice for dental labs looking to improve efficiency and productivity.

  • What dental CNC milling machines are compatible with Oqton Manufacturing OS?

    Oqton Manufacturing OS is an open and machine-agnostic platform. This means we prioritize your experience with all CNC milling machines you already have or prefer to use, just like we do on the 3D printing side.
    Currently, Oqton Manufacturing OS seamlessly integrates with several leading brands, including:

    • DGShape/Roland
    • Imes-icore
    • Versamill
    • VHF

    This way, you can leverage the power of Oqton’s automation and efficiency features without needing to switch your existing equipment. We’re constantly working to expand compatibility, so stay tuned for even more options in the future!

  • What benefits does AI bring to CAD CAM dental software?

    Oqton’s AI technology detects the different types of dental part based on the STL file, and automatically performs segmentation to extract features, such as crowns, pontic, holes, inlays, tibases, insertion direction, interproximal areas and margin lines. This ensures Oqton’s Manufacturing OS CAD CAM dental software will optimally mill features and place pins in the most optimal area.

  • Why is MES important for dental lab traceability?

    Automating CNC dental production at scale is a big challenge. Dental CAD CAM software with MES provides key information such as the due date of each file and customer jobs. If multiple files are for the same customer, the MES can help to prioritise rush cases or group crowns for the same patient in the same disc without manual intervention. The MES capability also allows you to keep track of the location of each disc in real time.

  • How does Oqton MOS speed up CAM processing and save operator time?

    Oqton Manufacturing OS shines with its cloud-based architecture. This translates to several key benefits for CAM workflow:

    • Scalable Processing Power: Unlike traditional software limited by your local computer’s power, Oqton leverages the cloud for on-demand processing. This ensures smooth handling of large datasets, even with thousands of crowns.
    • Automated Workflows: Oqton automates a significant portion of data preparation. While some operator interaction may still be needed, the overall hands-on time is dramatically reduced compared to traditional methods. Think of Oqton working tirelessly in the background, freeing you for other tasks.
    • Background Processing: Calculations for individual crowns and finding the optimal disc with NC file generation happen seamlessly in the background. This means minimal to no user intervention is required in most cases.
    • Faster Batch Processing: Even for batches like thousands crowns, the total calculation time remains minimal. This allows Oqton to process NC files within minutes.

    In essence, Oqton takes care of the heavy lifting, minimizing your screen time and maximizing your lab’s efficiency.

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