Energy Engineering Software

Our additive manufacturing and 3D scanning software enables innovative companies manufacturing parts in the energy sector to gain significant production efficiencies.

“Our agreement with Oqton will support the industrialization of our additive manufacturing and help drive more intelligent operations for the energy and industrial segments”
Jim Apostolides - SVP Enterprise Operational Excellence

Slash your inventory costs. Print critical parts on-demand.

Repeatable manufacturing performance. Our energy engineering software solutions comply with the stringent standardization processes required in the energy sector.

Addressing your challenges in the energy sector

Developed in collaboration with customers, our energy engineering software has been designed to tackle today’s challenges in the energy sector including issues with aging infrastructure, disruptions to supply chains, data management, control over quality, increasing part validation costs and long lead times.

Key benefits of our energy engineering software:

Faster innovation

With CAD, Build prep and simulation, design and prepare your parts for production. The comprehensive DfAM toolset enables full parametric history and topology optimization. Fully integrated build simulation monitors your build jobs to avoid print defects and detect anomalies before production - enabling you to print right, first time.

Streamline your customer experience

Our order management solutions allow your customers to send requests for any service you specify. 
 Manage access and engage with your customers within a defined tailored experience. 
 Upload and submit quotes. Turn requests into production orders. Provide a consistent experience.

Identify issues before they become costly problems

Comprehensive build job quality reporting with real time monitoring and feedback. 
 With shopfloor management and AI driven anomaly detection, our software ensures that you receive the crucial in-depth reporting and the visibility you need to keep on top of part validation, accuracy, traceability and quality control.

Reduce large and expensive spare parts inventories

Our software reduces the need for holding a costly spare parts inventory and can help mitigate operational risks by digitizing key assets before they break​​. Create a digital part library and enable on-demand ordering. Manage all parts in all versions and revisions and support liabilities protection and part traceability.

Our 3D scanning software for the energy sector

Precisely measure complex energy components. Our 3D scanning software helps you improve accuracy and efficiency.

Our customers in the energy sector use 3D scanning solutions to digitize assets for virtual simulation, quality control, and reverse engineering for part optimization and rebuilds.

With 3D scanning, you can gain a better understanding of your products and how they interact in hostile and corrosive energy environments.

Benefits of 3D scanning software for the energy sector include:

  • Helping extend the life of critical infrastructure by combining 3D scanning and reverse engineering to redesign and rebuild parts.
  • Fast and accurate volumetric reporting, perfect for costing and planning.
  • Redesigning existing components by using existing parts as inspiration.
  • Support the digitization of parts when creating a digital parts library.
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Industry leading Reverse Engineering software

Create accurate CAD models from 3D scan data, faster, and more reliably than anything else on the market.

Industry leading Reverse Engineering software

3D Inspection and Metrology Software

Capture and automate the processing of data from 3D scanners and other devices. Measure, understand, and communicate inspection results with next to no human interaction.

3D Inspection and Metrology Software

Trusted by industry partners

Our energy engineering software is open to all printers and scanners

Ensure the integrity of your data across different manufacturing platforms and significantly improve the efficiency of existing workflows. Our energy engineering software is compatible with all major hardware.

Produce consistent parts. Comply with energy standards.

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Discover how Oqton's software solutions can revolutionize your additive manufacturing

Intelligent Automation Software for Manufacturing Production

Digital Libraries - Order Management - Shopfloor Management - Real Time Monitoring

Intelligent Automation Software for Manufacturing Production

All-In-One Industrial Additive Manufacturing Software

DfAM - Build Preparation - Build Simulation - Build Inspection

All-In-One Industrial Additive Manufacturing Software

Discover how you can reduce your part validation costs.

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  • What are the key features of Oqton’s energy engineering software solutions?  

    We have a wide offering of manufacturing software solutions for the energy sector across 3D scanning and additive manufacturing, all tailored to address specific highly regulated industry challenges. For more information on these, follow the links below:

    • Geomagic Design X – 3D Reverse Engineering software
    • Geomagic Control X – 3D scan based Inspection & Metrology software
    • 3DXpert – All-In-One Industrial Additive Manufacturing Software
    • Manufacturing OS – Intelligently streamline and automate your order management and production execution
    • Build Quality – we have recently released this brand-new software suite as an optional upgrade for 3DXpert and Manufacturing OS.

    3DXpert includes a solution for DfAM, for Build Preparation and for Build Simulation as an integrated single solution. There is a new Build Inspection solution – this upgrade uses optical images and a new AI based model to evaluate the quality of build plates and parts, create quality reports, as well as inspect and identify anomalies and potential defects.

    Manufacturing OS includes a set of cloud based management solutions for managing an Order intake process and a digital Catalog for customers, including a full set of features to support the execution process of AM. This now also provides real-time process monitoring tools and alerts based on an AI data model. It establishes an end-to-end process that will minimize in-field failures, increase repeatability, and assign liability to the correct actors if issues arise.

    You can find out more about Oqton’s Build Quality solutions here.

  • Why should you use Oqton’s additive manufacturing software solutions?

    Oqton’s software solutions will help transform your manufacturing quality, part accuracy and your part traceability. Our software significantly reduces the requirement for expensive and time consuming 3rd party part validation.
    Our additive manufacturing solutions enable you to create complex geometries with higher precision and accuracy than ever before, and design, prepare, produce and inspect parts in a single software solution.

    We also employ cutting-edge AI and machine learning technologies to improve the quality and accuracy of your part designs and part production. Our Manufacturing OS helps you comply with highly regulated industry standards by providing traceability in the whole production process. Together, our solutions will help you maximize the efficiency and cost-effectiveness for your energy engineering projects.

  • What kind of customer support and training options are available for users of the software? 

    A dedicated Account Manager backed up by 24/7 technical and engineering support. Face-to-face training is provided during set-up and integration.

  • Can the software be integrated with existing systems?

    Yes, Oqton’s Manufacturing OS (which is fully integrated with 3DXpert) can connect directly to your existing enterprise systems such as your ERP, CRM, PLM utilizing our open API layer. For more information, please contact us.

  • Can Oqton’s additive manufacturing software integrate with my existing software and hardware? 

    Yes, we pride ourselves on our integration with your existing software and hardware. Our additive manufacturing solutions are hardware agnostic and open to all printers. This means that you have complete flexibility in your manufacturing workflows and can retain your existing hardware. Our dedicated engineering teams have a huge amount of experience and support you and your team at every point of the integration journey.

  • Is the software configurable to specific energy sector needs? 

    Yes, the software can be configured to your specific needs. Please contact us for more information about this.

  • Is the software scalable for manufacturing operations of different sizes and complexities?

    Yes, absolutely, our software solutions are completely flexible and can be scaled to meet the needs of organizations of any size. There are many software product bundles available, all of which can be tailored precisely for your operation. For more information, please contact us.

  • Does Oqton’s energy engineering software comply with energy industry standards?

    Yes, our software meets the stringent manufacturing requirements of the energy sector. Our software is already deployed across the highly regulated oil and gas sector, meeting compliance standards such as API 20 S/T.

  • How much does Oqton’s energy engineering software cost?

    We have both perpetual and subscription licensing options across our software portfolio, including maintenance plans. For more information on pricing for your region, contact us to speak to a member of the team.