3D Design Software for Organic Models

Oqton Freeform is the industry’s most comprehensive design software for any complex or organic models. Solve your physical design challenges in the digital world.

Organic. Engineered. Automated.

Redefining the boundaries of organic 3D design.

Digitally model handcrafted sculptural or organic forms that are difficult or even impossible in traditional CAD.

Negating the need for time-consuming and expensive physical-to-digital conversion workflows, Freeform is the preferred solution of many of the world’s household name companies.

See where 3D design innovation can take you.

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Freeform, Your Design Partner

Organic. Engineered. Automated.

Design for manufacture

Engineer models for manufacture by controlling attributes such as real world dimensions and draft. 

Intuitive UX

Model faster with the optional haptic interface. Translate traditional manual skills into the digital world.

Workflow integration

Integrate with CAD/CAM workflows for additive, subtractive and hybrid. Import and export all standard industry formats.

Unconstrained modeling

Design without limits. Artistic freedom with engineering control.

Flexible automation

Maximize efficiency with flexible workflow automation and extensive manual toolsets.

Textures and lattices

Interactively add and modify real 3D textures, patterns and lattices. 3D print your models with the detail intact.

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Learn more about haptic devices that allow a realistic touch of the digital world.

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