3D Scanning and Surfacing Software

A powerful toolbox for transforming 3D scan data of complex, organic shapes into accurate, usable 3D models.

Scan it. Mesh it. Surface it. In minutes.


The industry's fastest path from scan to 3D model.


Rapidly create perfect, watertight models.


Pick up and use, even with limited reverse engineering knowledge.

Hand held scanner used on a model car

Improve data capture agility

Integrate with most scanners on the market.

Scanning a car model with logos

Rapid point cloud clean up

Limit non-value-added tasks to meet tight deadlines.

Car point cloud

Perfectly rebuild complex, organic 3D models

Accurately represent any complex shape. Rebuild complex, organic 3D models accurately, even with limited reverse engineering knowledge.

Car point cloud with solid seats

950+ automatable functions

No more wasted time or resources with unmatched time-to-model.

Car point cloud with solid parts

Streamline production

Accurate 3D models for use in any downstream process

Simulation of aerodynamic testing of a 3D model of a car


Benefits for every industry


Quickly create accurate as-built surface models of assembly components, in order to design new parts that fit perfectly.


Collect data of a room’s dimensions for accurate digital representation when designing custom fittings.

Consumer Products

Scan shoe and patient geometry for custom fitting orthotics.


Accurate model turbine blades and fans for Finite Element Analysis and Computational Fluid Dynamics simulation.


Process CT data for organ simulations.

Industrial Tooling

Recreate part digital models to design molds for mass production.

The Highlights

Bring the power of 3D scan-based inspection to more people in more places.

Direct scanner control

Scan directly into Geomagic Wrap.

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Point cloud processing tools

Straightforward, expert handling and refinement of huge mesh and point cloud data sets.

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Scripting & Macros

Utilize custom scripts and macros to automate your scan processing and everyday workflows.

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Surfacing tools

Fit complex freeform NURBS surfaces to onto a mesh with Auto and Exact surfacing functionality.

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HD mesh construction

Construct polygon objects from point clouds to create watertight meshes faster.

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Texture mapping

Create high-quality texture maps for improved downstream usability.

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  • How can I contact Oqton to request a demo of Geomagic Wrap?

    You can request a demo here or speak to a member of our team in your region using these phone numbers:
    US +1-803-981-6716
    UK - +44 1442 279 875
    Germany - +49 6105 324 8122
    Italy - +39 800 035 847
    France - +33 805 10 35 72

  • What languages does Geomagic Wrap support?

    Geomagic Wrap supports the following languages: English, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, German, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Spanish, Polish, Turkish, French and Czech.
  • How can I obtain a free trial of Geomagic Wrap?

    Request a free trial and fill in your contact details. A member of our team will then contact you with the installer and install information. The Geomagic Wrap Knowledge Base can also be found on our support site. Your trial will last 14 days from the day of activation.

  • What are the minimum system requirements to run Geomagic Wrap?

    -Windows 8.1 (64-bit)
    -Intel or AMD processor with a minimum 2.0 GHz
    -8GB RAM
    -30GB of available hard-disc space (additional space may be required for cache)
    -32-bit true colour display, screen resolution 1280x960
    -GPU – NVIDIA Quadro or better
    - See full system requirements here.

  • Where can I get technical support for Geomagic Wrap?

    A comprehensive list of FAQs can be found on our Geomagic Wrap Knowledge Base. If you can’t find what you are looking for, you can submit a case to our support team.

  • What licensing options are available for Geomagic Wrap?

    We offer standalone Geomagic Wrap perpetual licenses and maintenance programs for both commercial and educational use.

    The Geomagic Maintenance Program helps ensure a smooth and uninterrupted workflow. Protect your Geomagic software and haptic device investments with access to the latest cutting-edge technology and regional support experts.

    Contact us to find out what options are available to you, including enterprise suites.

  • How can I organise a Geomagic Wrap training course?

    To organise a training course, please fill in our Contact Us form, or call us on the phone number for your region above.

  • What devices are Geomagic Wrap compatible with?

    Geomagic Wrap interfaces with many 3D scanners on the market. A complete list of hardware plugins can be found here.

  • Which file formats are compatible with Geomagic Wrap?

    Geomagic Wrap supports export of most current CAD file formats, a complete list can be found here.

  • What’s new in Geomagic Wrap?

    To learn more about the latest features available in Geomagic Wrap, visit our support site to access up-to-date release information.