Increase Throughput.
Repeat and Trace.
Scale Your Production.

Mitigate inefficiencies with an intelligent production automation solution. Customize AI workflows for your needs. Track orders, materials, machines, personnel, and parts. Compliant with industry standards.
It's not just an MES, it's your Manufacturing OS.

Helicopter Digitization: A Live Walkthrough

In this unique webinar, you'll witness the transformation of an antique army helicopter into a high-precision digital model, right before your eyes.

AI-powered manufacturing automation. Leaner production. Seamless integration.

Future-proof your business. In a world undergoing economic change, our industry-changing Manufacturing OS is a scalable and flexible software platform. The next generation of manufacturing automation increases innovation while maintaining a high production efficiency through a single, agnostic platform.

Connect existing applications and machines across facilities in multiple sites to enable collaboration. Combine production monitoring with artificial intelligence to track every action enabling a full digital thread from order entry to delivery. Reduce potential points of failure through direct integration between our Manufacturing OS and your existing enterprise systems such as your ERP, CRM, PLM utilizing our open API layer.

Our clients in the spotlight

“With Oqton we can fit 20% to 25% more RPD frames per build. With five machines printing one build every day, this is essentially like having another machine,”

Andy Timblin
CAD/CAM Production Supervisor Bertram Dental Lab

“Oqton combines all we need to produce high-end products, including full traceability of all production steps and materials from powder to finished part. It supports our vision to fully digitize our production and automate as many steps as possible of the production process.”

Ruben Wauthle
CEO, Amnovis

“Our agreement with Oqton will support the industrialization of our additive manufacturing and help drive more intelligent operations for the energy and industrial segments.”

Jim Apostolides
SVP Enterprise Operational Excellence, Baker Hughes

Discover Oqton Build Quality.

Trace AM part quality. Evaluate build performance. Oqton Build Quality software ensures you meet exacting additive manufacturing quality assurance standards. This modular solution offers Build Simulation and Build Inspection technology in 3DXpert, and Build Monitoring in Manufacturing OS. Print your additive parts with confidence.

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Manufacturing OS
Your Production Partner

Increase manufacturing automation, machine utilization, visibility, traceability, and scalability with a workflow configured to your production setup.

Digital Catalog

Ensure repeatability and consistent quality of pre-approved parts in highly regulated industries across different facilities, suppliers, or subcontractors.

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Order management

Plan, schedule and manage requests or customer orders in one place. Real-time IoT and workflow tracking optimizes your machines, processes, and workforce.

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Build preparation

Automate manually repetitive tasks with AI-driven, browser-based build prep. Repair meshes, define supports, nest parts, slice, and simulate models.

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Repeatable manufacturing

Improve operational visibility, drive efficiency, and reduce risk with standardized processes, digital work instructions, and full traceability.

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Material management

Support industrial and medical certification efforts by tracking material use. Automatically create a history and genealogy to ensure compliance.

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Machine connectivity

Make smart decisions using live monitoring and configure custom alerts. Address issues before they become costly problems with a centralized job log.

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Now it’s your turn. Discover how your business can achieve new efficiencies.

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Manufacturing OS

Benefits that improve your profit margins.

Automate your manufacturing process

Leverage intelligent automation with pre-defined, tailored workflows.

Consolidate multiple softwares

Streamline your manufacturing processes and IT infrastructure.

Increase your productivity

Increase throughput and reduce material consumption.

Full traceability and QA

Track orders, parts, and actions with ease, for complete transparency and accountability.

Secure cloud collaboration

Control visibility and access with a SOC2 Type II certified, commercial cloud solution.

Enterprise integration

Seamless integration with ERP, CAD, and PLM systems, with a single, unified platform.


Operational excellence. Tailored to your organization.

Our Manufacturing OS is used by organizations across industries to increase production efficiency and reduce waste.


Design, prepare, schedule, manufacture and track with complete Industrial Additive Manufacturing solutions from Oqton.

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Oqton automates digital production workflows for all dental applications, powered by advanced AI technology.

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Improve the efficiency of your additive workflow, from initial 3D design to additive production automation.

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Next-generation manufacturing automation. See it for yourself.

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