What’s new in our Geomagic Design X 2022?

Geomagic Design X


Reverse engineering is set to become easier and more efficient thanks our industry-leading software that helps bring physical parts into digital parametric CAD models.

Developed by Oqton, Geomagic® Design X™ is the most comprehensive reverse engineering software, combining history-based CAD with 3D scan data processing so you can create feature-based, editable solid models compatible with your existing CAD software. Oqton brings a deep knowledge of the manufacturing industry, with expertise across a broad range of sectors. This ensures functionality and performance enhancements delivered with Design X 2022 are user-focused, helping to overcome real industry challenges faced by our customers.

With Design X 2022, we’re taking reverse engineering to the next level, thanks to new and enhanced features that will streamline reverse engineering workflows, improve part design and quality, and increase productivity.

LiveTransfer has been updated to support the latest versions of a variety of CAD applications, ensuring the seamless integration between Design X and CAD modelling tools:

  • Solidworks 2022
  • Inventor 2021, 2022, 2023
  • Creo 8.0, 9.0
  • Creo Parametric 4.0 M150
  • NX 1899, 1926, 1953 series
  • Oqton - Amphyon version 2022

    Various Sketch Tools have been improved to enhance your modelling productivity and help you achieve the desired part design even faster. Geomagic Design X 2022 enables you to:

  • Quickly create a rectangle from a center point on a sketch plane
  • Split a 2D sketch entity using the new Curves At Intersection Point option added to the Split command
  • Reuse an existing mesh sketch by replacing it with a new target mesh
  • Choose the display type of circular dimensions
  • Replace target mesh

    Replace target mesh.

    With additional hardware support in Scanner Direct Control and LiveCapture, devices can be used directly inside Design X to reduce inefficiencies from a disjointed workflow. You can now:

  • Directly scan objects in Design X using the Hexagon Structed Light interface, without the need to use the Optocat application
  • Use Scanner Direct Control support for Shining 3D Einscan scanner
  • Probe using Faro Quantum Max/S + LLP XR/HD
  • Use a Leica AT960 tracker + Absolute AS1 scanner
  • Enhancements to the Loft and Exact Surfacing Modeling Tools now enable you to:

  • Reach intended design results on complex aerofoil and plastic injection molded parts faster
  • Experience more control over lofted features, resulting in faster time to CAD, with smoother and more controlled surfaces
  • Define connectors to have more control over the loft feature definition
  • Control tangency for guide curves for the Surface Loft command
  • Save time by reusing auto-surface patch networks when creating surface patches manually
  • Connector Editing toolKeep Patch Network in Auto Surface

    Image on the left: Connector Editing tool. Image on the right: Keep Patch Network in Auto Surface.

    Redesigning topology optimized parts has never been easier. With the enhanced Auto Segmentation Feature, market-leading feature recognition for CAD mesh and FEA is now available. The new Region Segmentation algorithm allows for increased productivity of downstream operations such as Alignment and Modeling. This improves the quality and increases the performance of region segmentation for a mesh tessellated from CAD. A newly added CAD Tessellation Mesh option allows you to achieve a high-quality region segmentation for the CAD mesh model.

    CAD Tessellated Mesh Segmentation

    CAD Tessellated Mesh Segmentation.

    Finally, Design X 2022 also includes improvements to File Import, Auto-Save & Recovery, Smart Selection, Accuracy Analyzer, Probed Geometry during Alignment and general User Experience. In addition to these enhancements, this release also includes 99 other updates and performance improvements.

    Accuracy AnalyserReference Mesh for Comparison

    Image on the left: Accuracy Analyser. Image on the right: Reference Mesh for Comparison.

    Make your reverse engineering process smarter and faster. Contact hello@oqton.com to learn more and to request a demo.

    Want an expert’s overview of the new features and performance enhancements in Design X 2022? Attend our live webinar to hear from Gregory George, applications manager for Geomagic, on Thursday, Jun 9, 2022, 6:00 PM - 6:45 PM CEST. Register here!