What’s new in Geomagic Design X 2024.1

Kedar KanadeFebruary 22, 20242 minute read

It's hands down the best 3D reverse engineering software – but there's always room for improvement.

To help you handle any product design challenge thrown your way, we've picked up the pace of Geomagic Design X updates with a quarterly release cycle. The new version, Design 2024.1 is now available for you to download and try out.  

Here are the new feature highlights:

Modeling Wizards

  • Generate Constraints: Reduce modeling time by generating constraints in the Wizards workflow.
  • Robust Results for Surface Cut: Get robust results from the Revolution Wizard with an extended sketch profile that ensures the creation of the Revolution feature.
  • Accuracy Analyzer & Result Operator:
    • Generate higher-quality primitives by checking the accuracy when using Solid & Surface Primitives Wizard.
    • Facilitate modeling workflow by executing Boolean Operations when generating Solid & Surface Primitives.
  • UI/UX & More Robust Results:
    • Improved display of the sketch to easily view real-time changes
    • Quite a few reliability issues were addressed in Extrusion & Revolution Wizards to yield better results.

Generating constraints

Generating constraints in the Wizards workflow


  • Improved Results in Extract Specific Entities
  • Robust Constraints Generation & Results:
    • Tangent constraints remained even when not chosen.
    • Tangent, Horizontal, and Vertical constraints were not applied properly in some cases.
    • Unintended sketches not aligned with the selected mesh sketch were created in some scenarios.
  • UI/UX Improvements:
    • Constraint options expanded by default for better user awareness.
    • Remove undesired results from Auto-Sketch results generated for the entire mesh sketch.

Extract Specific in Design X 2024

Design X 2024.1 brings better results in Extract Specific Entities


You can now transfer a model to SolidWorks versions 2006 to 2024, Inventor versions 2010 to 2024, Creo up to version 9.0, NX versions 8 to 1953 and AutoCAD versions 2010 - 2011.

PMT Plugin

Reduce workflow time by directly probing into Geomagic Design X.

PMT probe device

Many other improvements are available in the new version. You can find the full list in the Geomagic Design X 2024.1.0 release note.


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