What’s new in Geomagic Control X 2024.1

Sean ParkerFebruary 20, 20243 minute read

The latest edition of our 3D scan-based inspection software is here!  

Quality Control doesn’t have to be complicated, and our team is fiercely committed to ensuring Geomagic Control X is easy to use in inspection. With this in mind, we’re continuously adding new features, optimizing existing ones and removing pesky bugs.  

The latest release, Geomagic Control X 2024.1.0, offers much to be excited about. Below you’ll find our pick of the highlights, but remember to check the release note for a full list of updates. 

Replace Reference Data 

In this release we’ve introduced an all-new capability – the Replace Reference Data command. The tool streamlines the updating of inspection reference models in response to CAD data changes during product development. You can reuse existing inspection features for similar shapes, which means less manual work, fewer errors, and greater consistency. 

This tool is advantageous both for design changes and various specifications and similar shapes, enhancing the efficiency and accuracy of inspection

Geometric Fitting Algorithm 

We improved the geometric fitting calculation algorithm for Min. Bound and Max. Bound to give you more accurate results. We’ve renamed these methods to Max. Inscribed and Min. Circumscribed. 

These changes extend to “In Material” and “In Space”, which are used in determining Actual Mating parts for 2D & 3D Geometric Dimensioning & Tolerancing (GD&T). These features now use the Max. Inscribed and Min. Circumscribed fitting methods, aligning with the improved geometric fitting algorithm. 

Control X 2024.1Geomagic Control X 2024.1.0 vs  Geomagic Control X 2023.3.0

ForEach Action Data Flow 

Previously Control X users weren’t able to connect the action flow to the “Flow” socket of ForEach action, which was causing some inconvenience. To address this issue and ensure clearer placement and connection of actions, we restricted Data transfer to the “Data” socket for actions positioned within the ForEach action.

For each data flow

ForEach Action Data Flow in Geomagic Control X 2024.1

Run External Command and File Action 

We’ve added an output socket to the Run External Command action to allow you to transmit a single integer value as the execution result to the visual script. 

You’ll also find a new “Read StringArray From CSV” template in the File action, enabling the transfer of multiple execution result data from a CSV file to the visual script. 

These improvements enhance the integration of execution result data into the visual script, boosting the capabilities of visual scripting and offering a more flexible and integrated experience with external commands or scripts.

Additionally, the new version of Control X supports new scan data and CAD file formats and brings many bug fixes. For a detailed list of everything new, read the release note


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