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March 23, 20224 minute read

The ZYXDENT 3D Digital Center started out as a dental laboratory in Spain 25 years ago, but its spirit of improvement and collaboration with strategic partners such as Oqton has allowed them to expand vertically and become a digital center, evolving from working for dental clinics to working with dental laboratories.

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Since 2009, the center has been working with CAD-CAM technology and 3D images seeking continuous innovation and incorporating the use of 3D printers and CNC mills with materials such as metal, resin, or ceramic.

The strategic commitment to innovation has catalyzed strong business expansion, a fact that is proven by a turnover in 2021 that was double that of the previous year and quadrupled that of 2019 – prior to the COVID-19 crisis.

Oqton has played a key role in the growth of our company because it has enabled a substantial improvement in production efficiency and in cutting costs, as well as being a very intuitive and easy-to-learn tool.

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A sector in continuous transformation

The dental laboratory sector has undergone a transformation process. In Spain, a few years ago, around 80% of dental laboratories had a workforce of between 8 and 10 employees, while approximately 10% were much larger organizations, with a staff of around 100 people, and the remaining 10% were very small laboratories of 1 or 2 people working manually. The bulk of the 8-to-10 employee market has now disappeared, and the current trend in the sector is to revert to small laboratories with very few staff, without developing the structural and support elements nor the capacity to make large investments. Consequently, the work that these labs cannot assume is transferred to digital centers.

It was under these circumstances that the ZYXDENT 3D Digital Center team had the strategic vision to become the supplier for dental laboratories. In order to carry out this transformation, it needed strategic allies that would facilitate this technological evolution and enable efficient production management.

Vertical expansion of the company

"Since we started using Oqton, we have reduced the data preparation time our technicians need to set up the machines by 65%, which has meant an extraordinary improvement in terms of time and quality," says Juan Carlos. "In addition, the program is very easy to use by our team, the translation into Spanish is very good, and the software updates are very clear and consistent. Without Oqton, we would still be like other dental laboratories in Spain, and not have become the digital center that we are today."

Oqton has been key to the vertical expansion of our business.

Process optimization and cost reduction

After the initial month of testing, ZYXDENT began onboarding several of its machines with Oqton software, obtaining rapid results that allowed it to increase productivity and reduce costs.

"Since we started working with Oqton, we have saved on the cost of two laboratory technicians, which represents an annual cost reduction of about €50,000 a year, in addition to the software we no longer have to use, and we have also increased our production capacity," explains Juan Carlos. "In addition, the subscription model is excellent, because it allows us to contract the licenses we need at any given time, so the price of the service is very low compared to the savings it generates for us.”

Juan Carlos is particularly enthusiastic about the user-friendliness of Oqton, a software that he describes as "very intuitive, allowing a person with notions of digital printing to use the application in just 15 minutes. It is a very complete program, but at the same time, it’s very easy to use, which is why we highly recommend Oqton to any company that needs it.”

Oqton's ongoing innovations are of great interest to Juan Carlos, who is eagerly awaiting the launch of the new "hybrid machining process" which we are eager to start implementing in our company in the near future.’

The ZYXDENT 3D Digital Center will participate in dental laboratory sector events "where we will be delighted to explain our great experience working with Oqton to anyone who asks us", concludes Juan Carlos.

About ZYXDENT 3D Digital Center

The ZYXDENT 3D Digital Center is a Spanish company with 25 years of experience and which, thanks to its continuous commitment to innovation, has evolved from a dental laboratory to a 3D digital center. ZYXDENT offers a wide range of services, products, and training for the dental laboratory sector.


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