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Our AI-based, automated welding technology integrates your full workflow, from planning to real-time calibration and online process monitoring.

Oqton enables autonomous end-to-end welding for high-mix, low-volume production.

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Valk Welding

Valk Welding now offers ARP powered by Oqton, providing up to 10x faster programming with 25% of the labour cost of traditional, manual options.

Automate your workflow
Automate your workflow

After uploading a CAD file, Oqton extracts potential weld lines, generates collision free robot motions, and suggests optimal process parameters. If desired, users can make adjustments through the simple, intuitive user interface.

The interface is built for welders, and does not require any knowledge about robots, 3D geometry or programming.

Integrate easily
Integrate easily

The Oqton platform integrates with your existing systems, and does not require additional investment in hardware or software. It supports welding robots and cobots from multiple brands. Even without prior robot experience, Oqton will have your robot welding within a day.

Download our Welding brochure

Download our Welding brochure brochure
Monitor quality
Monitor quality

Machine monitoring helps to prevent issues and to react quickly to welding defects and machine down time, with live status reports.

With Oqton, you get full transparency and traceability across the production workflow.


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