The future of robotic welding starts here

Join Oqton as a robotic welding integrator partner and discover a whole new world of possibility.

Oqton Manufacturing OS for Robotic Welding is the intelligent CAM solution you've been looking for. Meet the demands of high mix manufacturers who want welders, not programmers. Robotic integrators offer more and win more - with Oqton.

2.1 million unfilled welding jobs by 2030
Deloitte and The Manufacturing Institute

Are you ready to meet the new demand for welding robots?

Adopt new markets, explore new industries

Made for high mix, low-volume, non serial production. An automated offline programming solution made for welders, not programmers.

Oqton has the most cost-effective solution for manufacturers transitioning from manual to robotic welding.

Increase your portfolio of tailored solutions

Target new customers in harder to reach industries with a more flexible solution that enhances your reputation as an innovative supplier of new technology.

Commission more cells and generate more recurring revenue

Go to market with more choice, more flexibility and more confidence. Oqton's robotic welding solution closes the gap between manual welding and mass volume robot welding, so you always have a solution that fits demand.

A simple subscription model means you and your customers are supported at every step and you can take advantage of predictable recurring revenue.

Offline robotic welding software is
300% faster than manual welding.
At 25% of the cost.

Why your clients are considering Oqton

Cost effective

No need to hire specialist programmers. Say bye to additional hardware. Setup in a day and weld in an hour.

Oqton is perfect for small to medium manufacturers that are new to robotics and don't want any hidden costs.

It works with their existing robot

Panasonic, Fanuc, Kuka, Yaskawa...whatever the robot, Oqton works.

No need for additional software or hardware, Oqton integrates with existing systems, robots and cobots.

It’s easy to setup

The intuitive design is made for welders, not programmers. Our easy to use toolkit gets you setup in a day and the intelligent software takes users from CAD to weld in under an hour.

All backed up by a dedicated support team of experts.

Made for welders

We know software, you know welding. AI software works with you to suggest welds, collision free robot motions and optimal process parameters and learns from you to make better, personalised suggestions over time.

With Oqton, welding gets easier every time.

Win more work, make more money

High-mix manufacturers bid for more and win more, with improved production flexibility.

Maximize throughput with minimal downtime thanks to easy offline programming.

Future-proof your business against predicted shortages in labor and expertise.

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Take advantage of predictable recurring revenue with a simple SaaS pricing model

Easy to setup software. Our team can train you on your own systems quickly and easily

Support is on hand. Dedicated experts are available to offer help, support and advice

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Integrator FAQs

  • Why should I become an integrator partner with Oqton?

    Increase your reputation as an innovative supplier of new technology. Commission more cells, and win more work.

    Oqton Manufacturing OS for Robotic Welding is the intelligent offline programming tool for high-mix manufacturers. Utilising AI technology and an intuitive user interface it is the simplest solution for manufacturers to get started with offline robotic programming. When you partner with Oqton you are opening yourselves up to a manufacturing world not traditionally served by other robotic software manufacturers.

  • What new customers can I expect to reach with Oqton’s robotic welding software solution?

    Our software is perfect for small to medium sized manufacturers who may have limited resource or are new to robotic welding. It is the most cost-effective solution for manufacturers transitioning from manual welding but don’t want to hire specialist programmers to manage their systems.

    If you have ever had a customer who was interested in robotic welding but wasn’t ready, Oqton could be the answer.

  • Is Oqton easy to setup?

    Yes. We will start you off with a simple and easy to use toolkit that will get your clients setup and welding within the day.

    Oqton successfully integrates with your existing offering of systems, robots and cobots and with no additional hardware to sell there’s no additional upfront costs, inventory or training required.

  • Is SaaS software right for my customers?

    Software as a Service (SaaS) is common in manufacturing but some manufacturers feel more comfortable with a perpetual license system. But SaaS provides a number of potential benefits, especially in terms of cost savings. Instead of purchasing and maintaining hardware, software and licenses, manufacturers can pay for a subscription-based service model, enabling them to access the latest technology quickly and cost-effectively. Regular software updates means users feel valued and helps you maintain a strong working relationship as a solutions provider.

    SaaS is also easy to scale, so when your customer starts seeing the benefits of Oqton they can bring more robots online easily.

  • What support will I receive from Oqton as an integrator partner?

    Oqton's robotic welding software is simple to setup and our team will train you to quickly and easily support your customers. Our dedicated experts are also on hand to offer additional help and advice when required.