Robotic Welding Integrator Partner
Valk Welding

Valk Welding now offers ARP powered by Oqton, providing up to 10x faster programming with 25% of the labour cost of traditional, manual options.

Valk Welding develops and builds turnkey welding robot systems for small to medium manufacturers. Branches in Netherlands, France, Belgium, Germany, Denmark, the Czech Republic, Poland, Sweden and Ireland are ideally placed to offer a full robotic solution for your production. For an innovative welding solution:

ARP, powered by Oqton, automatically generates robotic welding programs directly from 3D CAD files

About Valk Welding

Valk Welding are your technology partner in flexible arc welding automation and consumables. They work closely with their customers to supply the best results, through all-in-one welding robot systems, and innovative solutions.

Peter Pittomvils, CCO
“Happy to have Oqton in our Automatic Robot Programming suite. Our market lead in 100% offline programmable welding robots is ready to make the jump to the next level!”

Valk Welding is your partner for all your welding requirements, providing:

  • Welding robot solutions
  • MIG and TIG torches
  • Frames and track frames
  • Spares
  • Consumables
  • Software
  • Training
  • After sales service from a to z

Valk Welding and Oqton at Van Hool

Van Hool, a manufacturer of buses and industrial vehicles in Belgium, teamed up with Oqton, the initial goal was to increase the throughput of its 20 welding robots and reduce the complexity of programming. employing 4,000 people, used Oqton to increase the throughput of it's 20 welding robots, supplied by Valk Welding.

See how they got on in our video

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Integrator FAQs

  • Why should I become an integrator partner with Oqton?

    Increase your reputation as an innovative supplier of new technology. Commission more cells, and win more work.

    Oqton Manufacturing OS for Robotic Welding is the intelligent offline programming tool for high-mix manufacturers. Utilising AI technology and an intuitive user interface it is the simplest solution for manufacturers to get started with offline robotic programming. When you partner with Oqton you are opening yourselves up to a manufacturing world not traditionally served by other robotic software manufacturers.

  • What new customers can I expect to reach with Oqton’s robotic welding software solution?

    Our software is perfect for small to medium sized manufacturers who may have limited resource or are new to robotic welding. It is the most cost-effective solution for manufacturers transitioning from manual welding but don’t want to hire specialist programmers to manage their systems.

    If you have ever had a customer who was interested in robotic welding but wasn’t ready, Oqton could be the answer.

  • Is Oqton easy to setup?

    Yes. We will start you off with a simple and easy to use toolkit that will get your clients setup and welding within the day.

    Oqton successfully integrates with your existing offering of systems, robots and cobots and with no additional hardware to sell there’s no additional upfront costs, inventory or training required.

  • Is SaaS software right for my customers?

    Software as a Service (SaaS) is common in manufacturing but some manufacturers feel more comfortable with a perpetual license system. But SaaS provides a number of potential benefits, especially in terms of cost savings. Instead of purchasing and maintaining hardware, software and licenses, manufacturers can pay for a subscription-based service model, enabling them to access the latest technology quickly and cost-effectively. Regular software updates means users feel valued and helps you maintain a strong working relationship as a solutions provider.

    SaaS is also easy to scale, so when your customer starts seeing the benefits of Oqton they can bring more robots online easily.

  • What support will I receive from Oqton as an integrator partner?

    Oqton's robotic welding software is simple to setup and our team will train you to quickly and easily support your customers. Our dedicated experts are also on hand to offer additional help and advice when required.