for Welding

An autonomous end-to-end welding system for high-mix, low-volume production.

Our AI-based, automated welding technology integrates your full workflow, from planning to real-time calibration and online process monitoring.

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No robot or welding expertise required

Robot program from CAD

Oqton Plan Editor interface

Auto-defined weld lines and optimal torch positions

Bridge the gap between your robots and CAD systems to save yourself weeks of programming overhead and see quicker returns on your automation investment.

Motion planning

Oqton Plan Editor interface

You focus on the weld; we handle the robot

Eliminate the need for – and cost of – robotics expertise and manual adjustments with automatically calculated and optimized collision-free robot motions.

Welding parameters

Oqton Plan Editor interface

Auto-assigned weld parameters by expert-trained ML models

Our AI-trained models automatically assign the correct welding parameters to further increase the speed, quality, and precision of your welds.

Geometric calibration

Oqton Weld canvas interface and 3d scanned weld item

No need for jigs; we'll find your part

We use 3D scan and tactile sensing to compensate for part deviations, meaning you don’t need to worry about precise positioning or part deformations.

Process monitoring

Process path of an item

A welding expert monitoring your robot at all times

Our technology manages your robots and makes sure they are available and performing correctly. It automatically detects welding defects and singles-out the faulty robots.

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