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By leveraging AI, Oqton’s operating system automates the end-to-end workflow, from initial design to preparing files for production. Oqton software provides automation for data preparation, optimized support or pins and dense nesting.

This can be done for crowns, bridges, aligners, models, RPDs or any other dental application Your business can save money & valuable time.

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Integrate all processes and hardware

Oqton supports all types of 3D printers and CNC milling machines – no matter which brand. We support any size dental lab, with an all in one easy-to-use digital platform. We combine the benefits of 3D printing and machining, without requiring different software and support hybrid workflows from one system.

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Full traceability, planning and scheduling

Full traceability, planning and scheduling

Regulations and certifications such as the EU Medical Device Regulation and ISO 13485 require end-to-end traceability of machines, people, and material, at every step of the dental workflow.

With Oqton, you get full transparency and traceability across the production workflow through manufacturing execution system (MES) and machine monitoring (IoT) capabilities. This supports scheduling and planning for your workforce, machines and material, across multiple production sites. The machine monitoring capability also helps to prevent issues and to react quickly to machine down time, with easy-to-view live status reports.


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