Revolutionizing manufacturing


Oqton is solving today's manufacturing challenges with an AI driven factory operating system

We believe that manufacturing is going through its biggest disruption since the first industrial revolution, that the culmination of decades of development in the cloud, artificial intelligence, sensors, robotics and additive manufacturing put the industry on the brink of connected and adaptive factories.

We are applying artificial intelligence to real manufacturing data, making it actionable by both humans and machines.

Our mission is to accelerate making autonomous manufacturing accessible to companies of all sizes, enabling the continuous flexibility and adaptability of manufacturing processes.

About Oqton

Founded by experts in the fields
of manufacturing and AI,
pairing the benefit of decades of industry experience with the
agility of a startup mindset

Our team includes specialists in machine learning, robotics, scheduling/planning, 3D CAD, and manufacturing. We understand the manufacturing industry challenges that our customers face and offer them solutions that take advantage of the latest in artificial intelligence and process technology.

We believe in the creativity of humans, and that the autonomous factories of the future are powered by humans and machines working together, not machines without humans. We believe in staying close to our customers, solving real world problems for real people.

At the forefront
of technology and industry,
the Oqton team delivers
a wide range of skills

Machine Learning


Digital manufacturing generates a massive amount of data. Our ML team is developing methods to automate the creation of high fidelity models from real factory data.



Our software engineers are the best in the business. This incredibly talented team has built some of the most powerful tools in the industry and bring their expertise and new ideas to our platform.

Customer Experience


The best solutions are those that put their customer first. We invested in CX and UX from our beginning, and constantly strive to keep our customer's needs at our center.

Process Simulation


In-house expertise in simulation, optimization, and process planning for advanced manufacturing processes is part of the core strength of our platform.



Industrial additive is at the forefront of smart manufacturing. Our additive experts are building knowledge into the platform, enabling smart additive workflows for consistent output without expert intervention.



Our robotics team is developing methods to generate instructions from live factory data, making cost-effective automation of small batch sizes or high-mix manufacturing possible.

The Oqton 
offices across 
the world

Our locations

Manufacturing is a global industry. Having a global mindset and presence is a critical component to understanding and addressing our customers' needs.


Sint-Jacobsnieuwstr 17
9000 Ghent

Illustration of Ghent

San Francisco

345 California St, Suite 600
San Francisco, CA 94104

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93 Huaihai Middle Rd, #1406-07
Shanghai 200021

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Lyngby Hovedgade 49A, 1 tv
2800 Kongens Lyngby

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