Track your end-to-end workflow with complete MES capabilities

Automate your complete workflow, from scheduling to build preparation, to the creation of manufacturing travelers and reports. Track every step in the workflow. Oqton makes your life easier by offering the most extensive MES capabilities.

You can scale your business easily, increase your machine utilization, add more machines, and depend less on people availability.

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Integrate everywhere
Integrate everywhere

Make it easy for all. Leverage all information and data from your current ERP, MES, PLM, QMS and CRM system through Oqton’s open APIs. Integrate with any brand of 3D printer, such as HP, Stratasys, EOS, 3D Systems, just export a 3MF file, it’s that easy. One protocol for your software design systems like Materialise Magics, Autodesk Netfabb and others is all you need.

Automate fully
Automate fully

From order, material, part import, orientation, support, nesting, and slicing, Oqton automates all your planning & preparation tasks freeing up valuable time for your team to focus on high-value applications.

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Metal AM brochure
Monitor Everything
Track everything

By using Oqton, you significantly increase visibility end-to-end across your workflow. This supports scheduling and planning for your workforce, machines, and material across multiple production sites.

You can monitor all your print jobs and know their status, track job status, view video fees, monitor sensor values, ... The machine monitoring capability helps to prevent issues and to react quickly to machine downtime, with easy-to-view live status reports. Through an automated SMS, failed build jobs that cost time, money, and delay delivery are avoided.

Full tranparency

Full transparency

In a competitive industry, you need to make your machines more efficient.

Oqton empowers you with live dashboards and automated reports that reduces downtime and maintenance costs. Print reports that contain every step in your additive manufacturing process, including post processing, for any build job or part get automatically filled. With our additive manufacturing technology, you'll get a complete overview of your facility and can boost productivity.

Metal and plastic printers, post-processing equipment, machine statuses, schedules, and live sensor data are all in one digital location, helping you to compare productivity between sites or systems to spot trends and analyze root causes.


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“Oqton works on systems and software and could really bridge that gap and makes it easier to take a file and to turn that into somthing that we can print”

Kent Mages
Kent Mages
Founding President, Custom Color 3D
Jewlery at Oqton

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