Build Simulation
Build Simulation

Prevent predictable anomalies and defects

Build Monitoring
Build Monitoring

Detect anomalies in real-time

Build Inspection
Build Inspection

Inspect and correct anomalies and defects

Pioneer new additive quality standards

Trace AM part quality. Evaluate build performance. Oqton Build Quality software ensures you meet exacting additive manufacturing quality assurance standards. Choose any combination of the following modules that can work independently or together for a fully digital metal additive quality solution:

  • 3DXpert Build Simulation: Predict deformation and overheating of parts in context with AM build preparation.
  • Manufacturing OS Build Monitoring: Act fast with real-time anomaly information to save material, reduce scrap, machine time, post-processing time, and operator time. Trace and archive full quality history and reduce the need for CT scan.
  • 3DXpert Build Inspection: Analyze and trace additive part quality in context with build preparation and build simulation. Increase print-success confidence, perform root-cause analysis, and achieve additive design improvements.

Maximize your operational efficiency. Minimize in-field failures. Increase repeatability.
Be the leader in your industry with ground-breaking quality standards for your end-to-end additive manufacturing process.

Key benefits of Oqton Build Quality

Simulate and analyze

Simulate and analyze for deformations, shrinklines, plastic deformations, thermal performance and more with 3DXpert Build Simulation.

Monitor in real-time

Monitor the build process in real-time using the power of AI with our cloud-based Manufacturing OS Build Monitoring.

Take fast decisions

Take fast decisions to drastically reduce scrap related costs with no extra sensors needed.

Remote monitoring

Enable remote monitoring of the machine status from your office chair or remotely from home.

Analyze and optimize

Analyze anomalies in context with the build plate with 3DXpert Build Inspection. Infer root causes, optimize & correct builds. Correlate with simulation, and scan path analyses in 3DXpert.

Trace the full quality process

Trace the full quality process thanks to comprehensive traceability. Automatically generate detailed quality reports for each part produced.

Overcome the challenge of scale and consistency

Struggling to deliver consistent, easy-to-validate parts at scale? Successful serial production of industrial additive manufacturing parts requires an end-to-end process that reliably delivers consistent quality. It’s time to connect your real-world production with your digital world.

Build Quality Case Study

Variable Resistance Trim (VRT)

VRT is vital for quality in high-pressure liquid applications. Early anomaly detection is crucial to reduce waste and maintain top-notch part quality.

Baker Hughes used Oqton Build Quality to successfully create an end-to-end process for the serial production of a Variable Resistance Trim (VRT) component.

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