Freeform for Healthcare

Oqton Freeform is the industry’s most comprehensive design software for products across many healthcare specialties. Solve patient-specific design challenges in the digital world.

Organic. Engineered. Automated

Redefining the boundaries of organic 3D design.

Freeform enables designers to model traditionally handcrafted sculptural or organic forms, difficult or even impossible in traditional CAD.

Negating the need for time-consuming and expensive physical-to-digital conversion workflows, Freeform is the preferred solution of many of the world’s household name companies.

Our clients in the spotlight

“Improved accuracy and eliminated multiple post-operative impressions and patient appointments, resulting in up to 60% time savings.”

V. Iraimudi, CEO

“The team at Oqton has been very instrumental in guiding us. They understand our needs and match the platform functionality to meet those needs.”

Ruben Wauthle, CEO

“The ability to use a few products from the same company helped us achieve a faster and smoother process to the end result, without wasting time between the workflow steps”

Dr. Adib Zoabi, Craniomaxillofacial Fellow


Benefits for many specialties

Anatomical models
Medical training models
Sports medicine
See where 3D design innovation can take you.

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Design in hours, not days.

Break through the limitations of traditional CAD systems with Freeform’s intuitive UI to unlock the incredible advantages of working in the digital world.

Start from a blank slate, integrate scan data, or import existing CAD parts to:

  • Create manufacturable models without complicated file conversions.
  • Model faster, using the optional haptic interface.
  • Naturally and easily transition from your traditional bench techniques to Freeform’s digital workflows.

Automate without limits

Create macros and automate your workflows for maximum productivity. Swap between extensive automated and manual toolset for complete modeling flexibility.

Design for every stage of the product lifecycle

A single solution to support your growth and success.

  • Concept design requires the most flexible and unconstrained solutions for experimentation.
  • Market introduction and early evolution requires workflow optimization, partial automation and repeatability for regulated workflows.
  • Growth requires progressive automation for maximum productivity.

Unlock complete design flexibility

Work directly with scan, DICOM, or existing CAD data.


Design with confidence, whether you’re 3D printing, machining, or both.

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* Freeform is not a medical device and Oqton does not claim that it is intended for medical treatment, planning, or diagnosis. While many customers have successfully integrated Freeform into their workflows, it is essential for customers to comply with all applicable regulatory requirements. The examples provided serve to showcase the application of Freeform in the healthcare sector.

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