Ensure Quality Everywhere

solution for everywhere
faster than CMM
lower inspection costs

Seamlessly automate your quality control workflows

  • Automate time intensive tasks
  • Address the growing manufacturing skill gap by preserving learned expertise
  • Improve part quality in less time
  • Be more agile in your responses to new customer requests
  • Accelerate process sustainability, scrap less parts

Geomagic ControlX on computer screens
automation server

Integrate automated inspection into your high-volume production

Maximize PC utilization to optimize production throughput with the Automation Server.

  • Increase the efficiency of inspection operations with simultaneous and parallel job processing using server and client PCs.
  • Use inspection results to inform and optimize downstream processes and devices.
  • Combine with Visual Scripting to maximize production throughput. Use the automation server to call a script, execute a workflow and retrieve the data for further processing.
  • Send Pass/Fail results to external production control systems to inform other processes in your production environment.

visual scripting

Complex or custom inspection? Script it. Automate it.

Control X Visual Scripting brings complex inspection automation workflows to more people, with no programming knowledge required.

  • Solve complex inspection challenges using simple visual interface.
  • Build a complete automated workflow by dragging operations into the visual scripting environment and stringing them together.
  • Improve collaboration and operational efficiency by create logical workflow accessible for less experienced users.
  • Eliminate human error and increase throughput by removing human interaction from important quality assurance checks.

batch processing

Define once. Run forever.

Execute a series of inspection jobs without manual intervention. Define your inspection routine once and run as long as the part is in production.

  • Simply and quickly compare many measured data files to reference geometry.
  • Maximize throughput, optimize computer resource utilization when less busy.
  • Avoid idling computer resource with minute-by-minute intervention and supervision.
  • Optimize metrology processes for production runs, free up expertise for value-add tasks.
  • Automatically produce a detailed inspection report for each job

Scan Process

Process scan data quickly with no manual intervention

Automatically execute a series of commands to post process scan data ready for interrogation and reporting.

  • Process a series of scan data optimization commands for multiple scan files.
  • Share presets with others in your organization to minimize inspection setup time.
  • Use the intuitive Scan Process Designer to create straightforward processing workflows that can be used every time you capture data.
  • Eliminate human error and increase throughput by automating common scan processing steps.

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