Protect your Investment

The Geomagic Maintenance Program is an all-in-one protection plan designed to ensure your company will always be working with the latest and most efficient Geomagic software versions and that you’ll always have priority access to timely and competent technical support. In addition, extended warranty programs are available (at an additional cost) for complete hardware protection on your haptic devices. The Geomagic Maintenance Program is a critical link in the digital chain designed to help you stay productive and competitive in an increasingly complex global marketplace.

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Arm Yourself with a Team of Experts

The Geomagic technical support team help you stay productive and efficient with preferred technical support services. With unique access to our technical support team, you’ll never get stuck, and you’ll enjoy top-quality one-on-one assistance via telephone, web meetings or through data collaboration systems.

The Geomagic Maintenance Program allows access to our expert Technical Support Team that can assist with:

  • Licensing/Installation and Troubleshooting
  • Tool Functionality/Implementation
  • Assistance with Scripting/Automation
  • Enhancement Request Privileges
  • Guided access to 1,000+ Knowledge base Articles/Videos
  • Technical Application Consulting – Making sure you are getting the most out of your Geomagic Software, we can help improve your performance and workflow process!

On top of the existing advantages customers with valid maintenance can request a free 2nd seat of the software they own (license type Online Activation) one time per year for maximum 4 weeks to cover eventual shortage.

Stay on the Cutting Edge

Our engineers are constantly working to improve our software and, as we release upgrades, you will receive full access to all updates and improvements for free. These updates include bug fixes, user-requested enhancements, new version releases and new plug-ins.

Stay competitive in your industry by having access to the latest tools and technology. These new features and functionalities are necessary to keep your software running in peak condition. Geomagic maintenance programs help ensure a smooth and uninterrupted workflow.

We’ve Got Your Equipment Covered

We can help if you are having issues with your 3D Systems hardware device as well. Normal wear and tear is covered under the warranty plan. For faster turnaround times on extensive repairs, premium exchange programs are available for Touch and Touch X haptic devices. For more details about coverage, please ask your Geomagic Solutions sales representative.

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